Fagerhult’s engagement relates to its core business

Fagerhult had previously made ad-hoc donations to social causes. Now, the company was ready for a more long-term, business-related, and distinct commitment. Social Initiative created a concept where Fagerhult contributes to a “brighter future” by spreading solar-powered lighting in southern Africa.

We find the right partner

Based on the chosen focus, Social Initiative evaluated a number of organizations which specialized in solar-powered lights. Three organizations passed Social Initiative’s rigorous assessment, out of which Fagerhult chose to partner with Solar Sister. Solar Sister distributes solar-powered lighting in rural Tanzania through female entrepreneurship.

Engaged employees

Fagerhult’s employees are involved in numerous ways and contribute with time, money, and participation. A team with representatives from different parts of the company – production, design, development, sales, HR – are together with Social Initiative responsible for engaging colleagues and implementing various campaigns.

Every year, two employees visit Solar Sister in Tanzania together with Social Initiative. This way, Fagerhult can provide knowledge and inspiration to Solar Sister and simultaneously gain better understanding and insight into their daily work in the villages.

Social impact and business benefit

With support from Fagerhult, Solar Sister has expanded to 12 new rural districts and recruited 350 new solar entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs have spread light to over 100 000 underserved people, and reduced over 30 000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. With improved lighting, children can do their homework, the risk of fire declines, and health improves.
With such a good fit and clear connection to the core business, the social engagement becomes easy to communicate even externally. Among other things, some of the employees who visited Solar Sister participated in a radio interview in P4 and in an article in Jönköpingsposten.