20 years of partnership and impact

As social entrepreneurship and social innovation grows, so does the interest in and the requirement to show the impact achieved. Social Initiative helps strengthen the capacity of all our partners to measure the impact of their work. With knowledge of what works and what can be improved, the social entrepreneurs can change their work in order to create more value for more people. For two decades, Social Initiative has integrated impact measurement into the work of non-profits and social businesses in a way that does not require large financial or human resources.

In Social Initiative’s Impact Report 2002-2022, we have summarised the impact that we have created together with social entrepreneurs and corporate and philantrophic partners since 2002.

Social Initiative Impact Report 2002-2022

How do you know the impact you achieve?

Social Initiative offers courses in impact measurement for organizations, foundations and social businesses. The training is based on the well-known methods, such as Theory of Change and Outcome Map. Social Initiative runs a number of workshops to help your organisation shape your own Theory of Change with indicators and methods to measure those.

By measuring impact, you can:

• Improve your work
• Scale your work
• Attract and retain new funders and donors
• Clarify your mission, find focus and create engagement

“Social Initiative gave us guidance throughout the entire process and made our employees think impact”
Maria Munkesjö – COO, Tjejzonen

Do you want to know more about how we can help you?

We are happy to discuss how we can assist your organisation.
Contact Pernilla Bard at pernilla@socialinitiative.se or at +46 (0)70 091 00 15.