Privacy Policy

When Social Initiative processes personal data, we ensure it is done in a safe and appropriate manner, in accordance with Swedish and European legislation.
This privacy policy describes why the Social Initiative collects personal data and what tool is used to do so. You will also find information on how to manage what data you are willing to share with us.
1. Why are we collecting your personal data?
We collect your personal data for the following purposes:
  • So that you can receive information from us, such as newsletters or emails
  • To analyse web statistics in order to improve the functioning of our website. This includes traffic and feeds that appear on our website, browsing patterns and demographics
  • To assess our ad performance and improve the quality of content displayed on our social media
2. How do we collect this information?
2.1 Information you give us

We obtain personal information when you directly share it with us. This only concerns your name and email address, when you subscribe to our newsletter. Should you choose to unsubscribe from our newsletter, we will immediately delete your personal information for the newsletter.

2.2 Automatically collected data

We use Google Analytics to analyze visitor flows on our website For this purpose, the tool’s own privacy policy applies.

We also automatically collect information through our website using cookies. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer and other mobile devices that you use to browse our website. We use cookies for three main purposes: web analytics, advertising and to improve the experience on our website. We receive support from third-party providers that help us with the analysis. This means that they too have access to the collected information.

3. Settings to handle your personal information
For more information about allowing Google Analytics to collect data, see Google ad settings. If you want to change or opt out of all Google Analytics tracking services, you can install an add-on. Alternatively, you can also use the browser’s “private mode”, which is available on Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
4. Questions about our privacy policy

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact: