Creating job opportunities for youth in Uganda

The social entrepreneurs James Katumba and Solomon Kayiwa met in 2008 when they were both working as mentors for young entrepreneurs at the organisation Educate!. While working there, they experienced the high levels of school drop-outs and unemployment among youth. James and Solomon decided to create more opportunities for young people in Uganda to find jobs and support themselves.

They founded Wezesha Impact in 2013. The organisation creates opportunities for young people from poor backgrounds by adding job readiness and entrepreneurial skills to the vocational training they receive. Wezesha trains instructors at vocational institutes in the areas of entrepreneurship, job readiness and life skills, mentoring youth, effective teaching techniques and leadership.

Social Initiative supports Wezesha Impact in expanding their programme to enable them to reach more vocational schools and instructors, and thus, help more young people find or create jobs. Social Initiative also works with Wezesha in strengthening their methods of measuring social impact.

When schools in Uganda closed in March 2020 due to the corona pandemic, Wezesha Impact was quick to adjust. Through conference calls and digital platforms, Wezesha was able to continue to reach the youth.

3 552 youths participated
in the programmes
6 out of 10 students
were female
98% of students felt they could generate a business idea and write a business plan