An elite school for Kenyan girls from poor backgrounds

Starehe Girls’ Center was founded with inspiration from the renowned school Starehe Boys’ Center. The school offers girls from impoverished families an opportunity to receive a high-quality education. Starehe is a boarding school at secondary level which gathers the best female students from poor families all over the country. The school was founded in 2005, starting with 72 students.

Today 676 students attend the school. The selected students come from deprived backgrounds but have achieved high academic results in primary school. The goal of Starehe is to allow ambitious students to reach their full potential. In addition to regular school subjects, students also have access to a broad range of different activities as well as being trained in leadership. Every year, more than 10 000 girls apply for a place at Starehe, but only 200 are accepted.

Social Initiative supports the expansion of Starehe Girls’ Center so that the school can accept more students. Social Initiative also works closely with the organisation to strengthen its impact measurement and follow-up of alumnus.

85% of graduates received the degree C+ or higher compared to 19% in Kenya.
100% of graduates continue to higher studies compared to 11% in Kenya.
82% of graduates continue to university studies.