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Together, we transform lives and societies

Social Initiative supports social entrepreneurs who solve societal challenges in an innovative and efficient way. In partnership with companies and philanthropists, we contribute with capital and knowledge to strengthen and scale up their work. Together, we contribute to a positive and measurable impact.

Close partnerships

We create close partnerships between companies, private individuals and social entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneurs

We choose the best social entrepreneurs who use innovative methods to solve society's challenges in efficient and sustainable ways.

Measurable impact

We contribute with knowledge which helps the social entrepreneurs measure the impact that our partnerships achieve.

This is Social Initiative

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Engagement and entrepreneurship

After many years of experience from the private sector and international development work, Pernilla Bard and Caroline Cederlöf wanted to make the world a better place in a more efficient way.

They founded Social Initiative in 2002 and challenged the traditional charity sector with their new model. They chose to work directly with social entrepreneurs, and in that way, cut the intermediate steps. Additionally, they wanted to create a deeper partnership between companies, individuals and social entrepreneurs leveraging the skills of each part. A key part of the model is measuring results to be able to invest in those social entrepreneurs that create the most substantial impact. Social Initiative’s mission is to provide underserved people with the means to improve their living conditions. Social Initiative is a non-profit organization.