Provides scholarships to young people who can’t afford education

The Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) was founded by five visionary African female ministers of education who decided to “walk the talk”. Together, they wanted to close the gender gap within the education system at all levels in Africa. FAWE Uganda (FAWEU) launched in 1997 as a part of a bigger network with 34 national branches throughout Africa.

FAWEU awards scholarships to secondary school students and those who have been accepted to colleges and universities but can’t afford to attend due to poverty. In addition to the scholarships, FAWEU also supports students with mentoring, IT, career guidance, and job readiness skills.

For ten years, Social Initiative has collaborated with FAWEU, supporting students through secondary to vocational or university education.

The FAWEU scholarship students have done very well:

86% of students completed secondary school, compared to the national average of 30%
93% of those who studied at vocational institutes are employed
77% of university students are employed