Innovative learning creates new possibilities for children from underserved communities

Liz and Sunil Mehta founded Muktangan in 2003 to give children from poor families in Mumbai a high-quality education in English. They were granted permission by the municipality to take over and run seven schools close to an underserved community. The schools have students from primary school up to year ten, and all teaching is conducted entirely in English.

Muktangan’s teaching methods are based on the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the 21st century. Muktangan follows the state curriculum, however, its methods of teaching the children are activity based promoting conceptual understanding. To accomplish this, the schools have a high number of teachers, with a maximum of 12 children per teacher.

Teachers are selected from the communities where the students come from. They undergo a three-year teaching programme encompassing theoretical training and a lot of practical experience by being an assistant teacher. Today, Muktangan also provides further education for teachers at other municipal schools in Mumbai.

Social Initiative help Muktangan develop their impact measurement in order to follow the long term progress of the students.

The schools in Mumbai kept close since mars 2020 due to the pandemic. Muktangan quickly adopted to the new situation and the students received good opportunities for digital learning compared to most students in Mumbai. The students have been divided into in groups of 13-15 with a 45-minute lesson twice a day. After requests from the municipality, Muktangan have also been supporting other schools in developing digital learning tools.

3 760 children are enrolled
at the schools
100% of the students passed the final exam in year ten compared to the Mumbai average of 93%
86% of the students continued studying at college